Sunset Magic

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Photo by Olivia Tinney

This time of year in Florida we have the strangest weather. Its our wet season so its inevitable that everyday will bring rain. And lots of it.

One of the best things about the wet season though is that by the time the sunsets, the beach is a marvelous array of pink, red and orange. Missing a sunset means missing one of nature’s most beautiful shows. I always make it a goal to get down to the beach in time for sunset, and to be honest, I’ve never regretted watching a sunset.

Aside from the magnificent display of colors, the best part (in my opinion) is after the sun sets. I love how every person seems to turn into a silhouette and silence fills the empty beach. With the absence of sunlight, the beach immediately gets cooler. The absence of light seems to magnify the other senses, and soon the sounds of the night begin to fill the air.

Sunsets have seen my laugh, cry, share time with friends, and alone. They’ve comforted my on days when life seemed to be too much, but they have also rejoiced with me as well.

Watching the earth rotate has always been my favorite and mind-blowing experiences. Closet thing to magic that I have ever seen, sunsets should never be ignored.

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