Beach Camping

Beach Camping: 5 things you should know

IMG_3578Ahh summer, the perfect time of year to camp out on the beach. One of the most wonderful things about beach camping is that you hardly need any equipment! The summer air is cool to the skin as you set up a campfire, or lay on a blanket and watch the stars. There are things about beach camping though that not many people realize are important until they set out for the adventure. Here are 5 things you should know before getting your sleeping bag sandy!

Sometimes tents get in the way.

Contrary to popular belief, you really don’t need a tent for beach camping. From my experience, beach camping calls for minimal equipment. The cool summer air is often a relief as the sunsets, and although a tent would save from any sand that drifts on the beach, it often takes away from the element of camping so close to ocean. Plus, everything will get sandy from beach camping. Everything. So bringing a tent is just asking for another thing to clean sand from. Save yourself some time and just use sleeping bags or blankets! Tents also block the beautiful stars that fill the summer sky, and sleeping outside without a tent will expose you to the beautiful night sky.

Only bring water you plan on drinking.

When I first started beach camping, I would always overpack water as if I were going on a back packing trip. The best thing though that I have figured out is that you only need to bring as much water as you plan on drinking! Need to wash your hands? Ocean. Have a cut? Ocean. Need to put out a beach campfire? Ocean. Its such a connivence to camp near the water! Lightening your water load helps a ton, especially if you aren’t car camping!

Camp far from the shoreline.

I’m not talking 10 feet away from the shore, more like as close to the sea oats as you can get. I’ve seen (and made the mistake myself) of underestimating low and high tide, surprised to wake up and find everything I brought nearly underwater. Make sure that you have have enough leeway between you and the way, so you don’t get soaked by the waves!

Bug spray. Just Bug spray.

One to many times have I underestimated the amount of bugs (mainly mosquitos) that have wanted to be a part of my beach camping trips. I often forget that the cool air does not always ward off bugs. So let me just say that bug spray is a must. You can thank me later.

And like other outdoor adventure, be prepared for unpredictable weather.

I’ve been a victim to many excursions when the weather looked beautiful, and there was not a cloud in the sky– only to find out later that a storm was headed our way. Have a backup plan. Make sure you have an easy exit. And ALWAYS be prepared for unexpected weather.

Beach camping is one of my favorite types of camping! I’ve been so grateful to have so many beach camping experiences. Have any beach camping tips you think need to be added to this list? Email me at!

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