Down by the river

While the summers in Florida are beautiful and glorious, they are equally hot and humid. Its the best time of the year to get out and explore (just make sure you have enough water!)

I’ve spent most of my time growing up in Florida, but when I am asked about certain Florida attractions, I realized that I hadn’t ever fully explored Florida myself. The state has tons of beautiful state parks, most within a short distanace from where I live. This weekend we decided to explore one with our own eyes!

Today’s adventure included exploring the Koreshan State Park in Estero, FL. The park has an array of camp sites, hiking trails, and even a boat lift located right on the Estero River. The morning proved to be the best time to visit the park, as we pretty much had the whole thing to ourselves! After a beautiful hike through the Spanish Moss filled forest, we decided to head down to the river and let our feet hang off the dock. Minutes after we sat down on the dock we were joined by some visitors; a group of kayakers paddled through the area, and a small turtle who popped its head up from in-between the reeds near the shore. A beautiful afternoon at an oasis in our own backyard. Weekends are best spent exploring!

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