Adventure FOMO

One thing I love about social media is the ability to connect with friends, family, and even strangers through different mediums. I love seeing what my friends are up to and connecting with media influencers in the outdoor community. That said, in a world where we can instantly share our latest adventures with anyone on the Internet, its easy to get adventure FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out.

Adventure FOMO is a real thing-at least it definitely is for me. After I have spent a day in the office I often scroll through my Instagram feed, marveling at the latest places my friends are discovering. With updates from friends exploring new places, I catch myself wishing I were in their place and comparing my life to theirs. While I have had the opportunity to explore many places myself, its hard not to long for the places that show up in my social media feeds. Here are few ways to help deal with adventure FOMO:

Stop comparing your life to others.

Instead of focusing on how many trips your friends are going on, focus on your future plans or past trips that you have enjoyed. Try planning adventures that can simply take place on a weekend, or planning a big trip for a year from now will help motivate you. Instead of spending time being jealous of others, try being positive and excited for them! Everyone on social media post only life through their highlight reel, so remember that the people behind the camera probably have their FOMO days too.

Stay curious.

Tired of seeing your friends and followers explore new places, while you stay in the same routine? Do something about it! Study new places and things you want to try. An adventure does not have to cost as much as a plane ticket to an exotic place—it could be exploring a new trail nearby, or a new hobby, like biking, climbing, or yoga! Staying curious and open-minded while trying new things is as much as an adventure as traveling to a new place—both are unique experiences.

Set goals.

And finally, set goals for yourself. So maybe you do want to go on an adventure and travel somewhere, but you don’t think you have the time or money. No fear! Set a goal for you to travel somewhere new. Maybe it’s a trip you can take by car. Perhaps by train, or even by plane. Start saving for whatever it is that you want to do, and set the goal to do it. Skip the coffee you usually get in the morning and save a little bit of money each week. By the end of the year you could have enough to go somewhere you’ve never gone before!

So there you have it, a few ways I get over adventure FOMO. Stay curious and keep exploring—your adventure could be right around the corner!

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