Outdoor Influencers

Recently I’ve been inspired by people so many outdoor influencers on Instagram. Since I can’t be outside all the time, I always enjoy looking at my Instagram newsfeed and seeing all of the inspirational outdoor pursuits my friends share on social media. Inspired by people who lived passionate lives, I’ve found many outdoor enthusiasts who help spark more curiosity for the outdoors. Here are my current favorite Instagram accounts when I’m looking for outdoor inspiration:

  1. @PNWonderland

Known as @PNWonderland, posts make me want to hop on plane the next plane to the Pacific Northwest. Featuring pictures from all over the Pacific Northwest, PNWonderland is always connecting people with awesome new places to explore. The creative behind the account, Tommy Blades, also uses his personal account, @TommyBlades, to help connect members of the outdoor community.

  1.  @MissHollDoll

Holly Johnson, also known as @MissHollDoll, takes her followers on adventures throughout the Pacific Northwest, leaving viewers in awe of the incredible landscapes. The weekend warrior encourages her followers to get outside and make the most of their time in their own “Mountain Therapy.” @MissHollDoll as does gear reviews on her personal blog, mymoutaintherapy.com.

  1. @TylerHikes

Tyler Socash, also known as @TylerHikes, is an outdoor extremist, with goals to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, Te Araroa, and the Appalachian Trail in one *calendar* year. Taking his followers along during the journey, Tyler documents each trail and hike, and other adventures along the way! Tyler also documents his trail time on his blog, Tylerhikes.blogspot.com.

These are just a few of the many outdoor influencers on the rise in the Instagram community. With pictures like theirs, its hard to not feel inspired when you scroll through your newsfeed!


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